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MuscleMud® Lavender Extract Therapeutic Mud Bath 16 oz.
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6 Pack Combo of 3 Pine + 3 Lavender MuscleMud® Extract Therapeutic Mud Bath 6 x 3.2 oz.
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Soak Away Soreness
Reduce Joint Inflamation
Recover & Regenerate

Soak in Moor Mud extract with a high level (34%) of humic acid, salicylates and phytohormones.

With Essential oils of Pine or Lavender to enjoy an invigorating and relaxing spa experience.

24 Soaks to Rejuvenation

Homogenized and pasteurized;
Quality Assured through 3rd party testing

Moor mud bath for Peak Fitness, to Max Performance and Minimize Muscle Troubles

with therapeutic MuscleMud from Outaouais in Canada.

The soluble extract contains a high level of Humic Acid (34%), phytohormones, organic plant enzymes and trace elements. The natural healing materials of the moor penetrate the body through the pores of the skin and unfold their healing effect.

• Promotes Circulation • Reduces Inflammation • Stimulates Immune System • Relaxes Muscles • Relieves Pain & Improves Range of Motion


  • Muscle Mud TestimonialMuscle Mud - Moor mud product has very high levels of humic acid and organic phytochemicals which help immensely in relieving pain and discomfort, and help in detoxifying the body as well. As an Orthotherapist, for many years I have used this product on my patients and I understand the virtues of this product. After years of research and development, I am very proud to introduce this product and its therapeutic ingredients to help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by age, or extra-ordinary activity in day to day life or in athletics and sports.

    Marc Saint-Onge
    Developer of Muscle Mud
    Casselman, Ontario, Canada

  • Muscle Mud Testimonial"As a cyclist I am faced with long days on the saddle that take their toll on my muscles. I use Muscle Mud to relax and rejuvenate my body post workout so I am ready for the next day's effort. I recommend this product to any athlete looking to beat the physical stress incurred by exercise, and flush the system of built up toxins."

    Bryan J Kelly
    Vancouver, BC

  • Muscle Mud TestimonialEnd of August 2012, I came back from running 60 miles of extremely tough terrain in the Canadian arctic. My feet, legs and hip got pretty badly beat up, and I suffered with inflammation and pain. I am scheduled to run across Botswana in the end of October 2012. I wasn't sure I could do that. An ultrarunner buddy of mine introduced me to Muscle Mud. I started using Muscle Mud in the beginning of September 2012, and I have done about 12 to 15 soaks / bath since then. I must tell you it's been amazing. I feel strong and great and I am ready to take on the Botswana Expedition.

    Ferg Hawke
    Surrey, BC

  • Muscle Mud Testimonial"I have been using Muscle Mud for about 2 months, recommended by my Doctor. I am recovering from conditions caused by high heavy metal poisoning. I was perhaps a little skeptical at first about the idea of taking a bath in mud extract, but after a few good soaks I could tell - it really worked! This was recently confirmed in lab tests. I use the baths often, and always feel better after one. An added bonus has been pain-free joints and a clean and rejuvenated skin. Thank you, Muscle Mud!

    Nancy D.
    San Diego, CA

  • Muscle Mud TestimonialI massage professional athletes and based my own positive experience, I strongly recommend to them that they use the Muscle Mud soak / bath at least 2 to 3 times per week, during season as well as off-season. It has proved invaluable to them. I was able to relieve aches and pains due to the high level of stress put on their bodies at practice and game time. I was able to work the tissue and muscles deeper due to the heat and detoxification which takes place because of the bath soaks. Muscle Mud has a nice smell, mixes easily and does not stain. My clients also appreciate the fact that it's all natural ingredients. Thank you Muscle Mud."

    Jean Dufournet, PT, CMT
    Physio and Movement Therapy
    New York, New York

  • Muscle Mud Testimonial"I believe Muscle Mud therapy and treatment should be applied to every musculoskeletal complaint. Muscle Mud offers an affordable, environmentally friendly, hands-on therapy in your own home in your own time. Further, Muscle Mud immersion follows the principles of naturopathic orthopedic medicine by treating an area greater than the localized site of dysfunction or pain. With just a few soaks and baths in Muscle Mud extract, athletes and active people can experience swift and long lasting recoveries from injuries and/or chronic pain previously reported to require several months for healing. Immersion can also provide relief from detoxification symptoms, improve subjective and objective markers for immune support and enhance the overall health of all the systems of elimination. Like essential fatty acids, I think of humic acid as a modern day form of topical treatment indicated and successful for many conditions."

    GR Krishna
    San Diego, CA

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